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Jordon Robillard-Bird

Photo Credit: Phurius Musik

Jordan Robillard-Bird (aka Phurius Musik) was born in 1993 in La Ronge, Saskatchewan. Phurius Musik is a Cree/Dene Musician and his art is mostly compiled of the Hip-Hop genre. His motivating factors come from the environment around him. Politics, education, health, and the struggles of life are a few broad examples of what his music speaks about.


His first single, in 2016, “For My Haters”, hit over 50 FM radio stations across the North American Continent, and a few more stations overseas! Phurius Musik is completely self-taught and self-made in every aspect of his art. He has successfully created his own platform for underground artists to promote themselves across the world! He’s also created his own music and clothing brand called the Circle Of Savages in 2018. The COS (pronounced ’cause’) is where he strives to make a difference and spark positive change within our communities. He’s already in the process of creating his own youth council to voice the needs of the youth in communities, which will soon help create opportunities for the youth in the future.


Support the change, Support the COS!

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