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Molly R. Ratt

Photo Credit:  The Keethanow On the Avenue Art Gallery

Molly R. Ratt is a La Ronge area visual artist. She is First Nations Cree and a member of the LLRIB. She has been married for 22 years to her wonderful husband Jacob and has three sons, Jake, Kenneth, and Roman (Darion).

Molly has been painting as a career since 2004 and works primarily in acrylic.


Her art often depicts what she remembers of her childhood travels with her family. She has done many paintings of her hometown’s surrounding areas. Molly enjoys seeing how her work makes others feel good, and knowing that what she sees is what others will see through her paintings, the beauty of the northern landscapes. Molly has a few works for sale, but says that recently they have been selling fast! She also does commissioned work. A couple of examples of commissions for paintings of homes are shown here.

You can contact Molly by email at or or by text at 306-420-8161.

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